“Every skater kid dreams about getting sponsored, getting free stuff, traveling, making video parts, and living that life. Most kids never get that far and have to figure out something else to do for a job, and even for some who do get that far, when they get there they discover it’s not really for them. Then what? It’s a tough question. Alex Klein found himself in that position after living a nice sponsored skater’s life for years, and he found an answer on the other side of the video camera as a director of documentary films. His first one, called God Went Surfing With The Devil, is just about to come out. Check out what he has to say about his transition from sponsored skater to filmmaker, what the documentary is all about, and how skateboarding prepared him for other parts of life.”

Read the rest of the interview on slapmagazine

What can I say, beautiful… I will keep you informed when the release date is!!


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