Yesterday I went with my good friend Ro and erasmus students Sara, Jens, Agaa, David, Leia  to Bratislava. The head capital of Slovakia. The day started really good because we got the bus by one minute on time! Thanks to Jens who stopped the busdriver we were able to catch it, else we had too wait in a crappy station for 2 hours… So were on our way! Arriving in Bratislava we came to the conclusion, they have no language… I have never seen so many letters on a billboard that make absolute no sense hahaha. 

But when we started walking around, wauw, what a beatyfull city, so relaxed, everybody is really friendly! And cheap! We payed 25 euro for 3 big beers 5 coffee and 5 meals to big to eat! Awesome! After walking a bit around with Ro, Jens, Sara and  Leia, we met up with Agaa and friends. We visited the local tourist places, saw some great views went into some great bars! After eating our dinner we went back to the busses were we drove back to Vienna. Really a nice relaxed and inspirational trip.

Pictures will be online in 3 days! Believe me if you need some inspiration when you make designs that are strong and heavy. You do not want to miss this serie! Thanks everybody for a great day!


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