Welcome to the Paradise of Lomography at Selfridges in London!

With Lomography we have been working on this sweeeeeeeeet project for in London ‘Welcome to the Paradise of Lomography’. We worked really hard on this to get it all together, and it got to look so nice! Check out my gorilla and monkey :). If you are in London go check it out. The exposition/shops runs till 26.04.09 at Selfridges wonder room



I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this before! I have been reading olivier rosset his blog for years now on high snobiety and I feel ashamed I haven’t been trying this stuff out before! But now I have, I am completely addicted to it! 

Fairtilizer is a Do It Yourself Music Club providing tools and services for artists, labels, and media to share, promote, and distribute today’s best new music.”

All you have to do is make a acount, after this you can listen to playlists, tracks even community’s. You can point out witch song, playlist, or artist you like and it directly saves it too your account! This way you just have to log inn, and listen to your favorite music online! The fun thing about it is that all lot of new bands, dj’s, mix artist, whatever are using it! So you can just look for a playlist you like, listen to it. See witch artist you like in the playlist and look for them on the same site! 

What i just wrote down above is just a taste, you can embed the songs in your blog or website, meet bands, etc. A enormous new community is comming! It got me so much new input in just 2 days… If you are a music lover… Check this site now!!!


I have seen a lot of stopmotion movies in my life… But this one… You Have To Watch It!


New pictures added on Flickr! Also the Bratislava ones!


I almost feel bad to just pay attation to  ’Axi’ Munian in the previous entry. So here are the rest of the Billabong XXL nominees. View and vote for the awesome sufers who litteraly put there life on the line to catch the biggest thrill! These guys rock!


The daring investers Patriarch Partners have bought polaroid from a auction for 52.700.000.000 dollar! The investers want to give the company a complete make over! ‘We want to start from scratch and make it worldwide again!’ 

Talking about awesome news!



All dutch rider, and party animal Mark ‘Fox’ Vos has just releasd his own small movie. With some fun editing, and some awesome tricks, I have to say. He pulled it off again! Check out the Local Scene here! Because these dudes are the best you can wish for! Looking forward to the next house party!